Corel Comics Bundle




Blank comic book pages template for Photoshop.  This is a PSD zip file sized to industry specs laid out in a three page template with a white or gray background for visual proofing (white template) and active drawing (gray template).  The purpose for the gray background is to give your eyes a 50% light/dark (gray) middle contrast.  Artistically the benefit for those drawing over the gray background is that your eyes are balancing the tone, value, and contrast of your composition over medium contrast background.  In other words, completing most of your artwork over a gray background will keep your eyes from “getting used to” the typical white background, which helps an artis avoid overcompensating with dark contrast.  Additionally the gray background relieves eye strain and overstimulation.  Drawing over gray is not required but it is a recommended feature for artists creating multiple pages.


  • Three page template 4k Template
  • White and gray background options for drawing and proofing
  • Semi-transparent panels grid for multiple panel sizes
  • Print-ready and proof-ready industry standard PSD document for exporting files to your printer


  • Full instructions for drawing and inking your file
  • Complete storyboarding Shot List PDF for planning your panels and layout
  • Extensive PSD actions, functions, and keyboard shortcuts PDF list


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